Organic Hippie Shop Logo T-Shirt – Black


An Organic Hippie shop logo t-shirt – black, so it goes with everything, but is entirely without pockets.

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An Organic Hippie shop logo t-shirt – black. (Beware, this t-shirt is a fraud*, as it has no pocket. It fulfills all the other t-shirt duties, but no pocket. What is a hippie to do without a shirt pocket?). On the back of the t-shirt is NOTHING! Just more black, like a little black t-shirt should be. The shirts are made out of 100% cotton and all the sizing information can be found here.

*It’s not really a fraud, it’d look weird with a pocket, don’t you think? Perhaps I’m being too judgmental, and should give pocketless t-shirts a chance. You should too. 😉


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